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Standard Prop


The Standard Prop is a middle density ceramic proppant that drives horizontal drilling success. You need proppants that reach the farthest region of the fracture and our Standard Prop do that perfectly. The best choice over resin-coated proppants and lightweight sands, this ceramic proppant performs very well in higher temperatures and depths. This is typical of Mas Supply’s ability to fuel drilling companies’ vision of pushing technology and being the best in the industry. The Standard Prop’s strength is considerably higher than that of sand while almost sharing qualities of density and gravity. It is perfect for oil reservoirs.


  • Removes inconvenient particle deposits inside the fracture.

  • Efficient for slickwater fracture.

  • Reduces depreciation and maintenance costs as it does less damage to the equipment.


  • Preliminary production is optimized and so is final recovery.

  • Adds the well’s production years.

  • Improves hydrocarbon flow capacity, frac channel permeability.

  • Delivers better production rates.

  • Enhances completion economics and conductivity.