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MAS SUPPLY Ceramic Proppant

Our ceramic proppants brilliantly showcase Mas Supply’s invaluable position for drilling companies. The quality and cost-effectiveness of our proppants drive the profitable operations of drilling companies across the world. Today’s drilling industry puts a lot of pressure on operators to find the rare combination of reliability in terms of cost and performance. Mas Supply’s products deliver just that.

Mas Supply offers different types of popular ceramic proppants as shown in the table below. All our products are certified by Stim-Lab and are API standard. 


  • Standard Prop
  • Prop Premium
  • Ultra Prop


  • Ceramic Proppant
  • Ceramic Proppant
  • Ceramic Proppant


  • Middle Density
  • Middle Density
  • Middle Density


  • 8000 PSI
  • 10000 PSI
  • 12000 PSI

Available in Multiple Meshes and Densities

In addition to the standard middle density shown above, we also offer the ceramic proppants in low and high densities in different meshes.