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Prop Premium


Drilling companies are always seeking the balance between cost-effectiveness and performance. Mas Supply’s Premium Prop provides this equilibrium. This middle density ceramic proppant delivers the high quality performance in environments that may compromise the performance of other affordable alternatives such as resin-coated proppants and sand. You can rely on our Premium Prop to cut completion costs with no relaxation on strength and performance. This combination of cost and quality, along with the proppant features make it ideal for gas and oil wells of medium depth.


  • Mas Supply’s most affordable ceramic proppant.

  • High crush resistance.

  • Useful in environments that are medium deep and those with intermediate closure stress.

  • Less abrasive damage to pumping equipment; mitigates depreciation and maintenance costs.


  • Optimizes initial production, ultimate recovery and total production life of the well

  • Improves completion economics

  • Enhances hydrocarbon flow capacity and yields higher production rates

  • Consistent size and shape improves permeability of frac channels, increasing conductivity.